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Health Equity Careers

Manufacturing Scientist

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Manufacturing Scientists are dedicated to improving the process of manufacturing and supporting teammates with innovative, high-quality products. Whether Kimberly is identifying unknown particles in the lab or collaborating with international colleagues, she is guided by her dedication to providing better healthcare and lifesaving medications to patients.

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  • Collaboration and communication with teammates are essential to successful manufacturing.
  • Problem-solving skills are needed to troubleshoot in the lab and beyond.
  • Close attention-to-detail is crucial for work involving protocols, processes, and reports.
  • Flexibility is needed when working in a variety of environments—sometimes cold, hot, or wet.

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Bring this career to life with a classroom activity that empowers students to identify health inequities in their own communities and promote health equity awareness. This activity is designed as a companion to the video profile.
“In my heart, I know that everything I do is having a direct effect on someone out there that needs this medication to live.”
Kimberly Aguilar, BS

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Delivering high-quality, innovative medicines and products, to patients when and where they need them.