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Health Equity Careers

Vice President and Head of the Center for Health Equity and Patient Affairs

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The Vice President and Head of the Center for Health Equity and Patient Affairs (HEPA) provides leadership in a facility, ensuring efficient and effective care is given to all patients in an environment that promotes patient equity. Charlotte noticed health inequities around her as a child and was driven toward a career in which she can positively impact other people’s lives through better access to healthcare.

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  • A flexible attitude towards change and perspective is necessary for adapting to whatever the day brings.
  • Communication skills are essential for developing successful partnerships.
  • Curiosity fuels an inquisitive attitude, which helps solve challenges and identify improvements.
  • A passion for the wellbeing of people and communities is essential to success.

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“My parents instilled in me at an early age that we are responsible for each other.”
Charlotte Owens, MD

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Provide leadership, knowledge sharing, and education on best practices for health equity and patient affairs.